Real Estate Revolution Bonus Review

Real Estate Revolution Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – Discover the Proven Lead Gen System that Drives RED HOT Real Estate Leads on Complete Autopilot and has Agents Paying $1,000/mo Like Clockwork

Real Estate Revolution Bonuses

Real Estate Revolution Bonuses is best choice for you

Every time an agent lists a house they always have to create flyer to leave for prospective buyers. These flyers can be expensive to create/print and the ongoing costs add up quickly! We found that agents love it when you offer to help them for little to no cost with their flyers and it opens the door to bigger conversations (monthly marketing). It’s the perfect, unique problem solving service to get your Foot in the Door, deliver value and build trust before asking for a monthly fee. The problem however, was creating the flyers wasn’t any cheaper or easier for us than it was for the agents. That’s why we created a software to make the process super simple and most importantly zero cost to produce! This flyer creator was designed to make creating professional real estate flyers super easy and cost free! You can literally create flyers for ALL of your clients in just a few clicks and sell them for pure profit, give them away as a bonus or include them in a monthly package! We could sell this flyer creator on it’s own for more than this entire offer but right now you can get UNLIMITED ACCESS for FREE when you pick up Real Estate Revolution!

We’ve included everything you need to dominate the real estate niche and build massive recurring income by driving leads for agents. Whether you’re looking to build an entire business around real estate agents or simply add this lucrative service to your existing agency, this training will be the perfect course to get you started. By combining our lead gen strategy with the unique Foot in the door Flyer strategy and our software that creates unlimited flyers, you’ll be able to land real estate clients easier than you could ever imagine. As you can see our training programs flat out work for our students that take action because we teach what we actually do in our business. Every tool we’ve ever created or program that we’ve taught is born out of the thing we do in our agency and tested heavily before ever being released. You can be assured that Real Estate Revolution has been proven to work, battle tested and backed by years of results in our business. Right now you can get this entire system PLUS our Flyer creator software for a fraction of that during this exclusive launch special offer.

Real Estate Revolution Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – Discover the Proven Lead Gen System that Drives RED HOT Real Estate Leads on Complete Autopilot and has Agents Paying $1,000/mo Like Clockwork has helped me solve that problem. I love how easy the software is to use and it saves me a ton of time. Go get It, and Have Fun With It! – Real Estate Revolution Review

Watch the demo Real Estate Revolution here :

Real Estate Revolution Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – Discover the Proven Lead Gen System that Drives RED HOT Real Estate Leads on Complete Autopilot and has Agents Paying $1,000/mo Like Clockwork

Real Estate Revolution Review

Real Estate Revolution review

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Real Estate Revolution OTO / Upsell :

OTO #1 – Marketing Promo Bundle
Our first OTO is a marketing promotional toolkit for selling lead gen services to real estate agents! The package includes flyers, brochure, PPC Ads, Promo Video, Postcards and more. We’ve seen great success with these type of OTO’s at a similar price point to the front end offer so expect great conversions.

OTO #2 – RE Commercial Creator
Next we’ve got our Real Estate Flyer Commercial Creator software that works similarly to the flyer creator. Simply plugin in your agents listing URL, make some customizations and produce a professional listing commercial in minutes! You can sell these videos as an add on service, use them to drive traffic, give them away as a bonus…anything you want with an unlimited Agency License!

OTO #3 – RE Listing Site Creator
For our final OTO we’ve got our single site listing creator that also works in a similar fashion to the other pieces of software in this funnel. Simply plugin the url of the listing, do a little customization and then boom you’ve got a stunning listing website! Again this is a great add-on, FID or ongoing service to offer and the perfect compliment to the main offer!

What’s Included in the Main Offer?

Proven Real Estate Lead Gen & Prospecting System
The main offer consists of our video training series and bonus Real Estate Commercial Flyer Creator. We teach how to prospect for, get in front of and land real estate agents for monthly recurring lead gen services. Then we show your subcsribers how to actually drive leads for real estate agents using our proven funnel that leverages Facebook, Remarketing, Email and IDX technology. This course is a massive value on it’s own, the system we’re teaching is backed by years of results and testing in our agency.

Killer Bonus – Real Estate Flyer Creator
However to make this offer a complete no-brainer, irresistible for any local marketer, we’re also including our Real Estate Flyer Creator software! This software makes it easy to create real estate flyers from any listing in just a few clicks! All you have to do is simply plugin in the url, make a few quick customization and boom you’ve got a flyer pitching the house your agent is selling! These are highly useful (normally not cheap) for Real Estate agents and serve as the perfect angle, foot in the door or add on service. As you can tell this is a killer package that is the perfect fit any local marketing and should convert like crazy!

Proven Lead Gen System Drives Real Estate Buyer Leads On Complete Autopilot!

Check out just a few of the things you’ll learn inside…

  • Why Real Estate Agents are the PERFECT CLIENT
  • What Agents really need and how to DELIVER it!
  • How to Tap into the Power of Your Agents Networks
  • Easy Methods for Getting In Front of Agents
  • Using the Secret Weapon to Close Deals
  • How to Generate Leads that Convert to sales for Your Agents
  • The Battled Tested Sales Funnel we use to Drive Leads
  • The Ad Strategy that gets Buyer Clicks for under 40 Cents!
  • The Proven Landing Page that Converts Like Clockwork
  • Add-on Services that Fatten the Payday
  • Billing & Reporting so you keep getting paid!
  • Turning Your RE Clients into a Referral Machine!

Create Unlimited Professional Real Estate Flyers at No COST TO YOU in Just Three Simple Steps!

Step #1 – Add Your Agents & Listings
Once you create your account you’ll be able to add your agents and the listings that are associated with them quickly and easily. What’s awesome is you simply plugin the url of your clients listing and the software will automatically pull all the key text and images for you! This part makes tracking all your clients and their listings super easy and sets you up for the next step to create unlimited flyers for your agents!

Step #2 – Easily Customize Your Flyer
You can literally create a new flyer in just a few clicks because the software pre-populates all the listing information it pulled in during step one! All you have to do is drag and drop the images you wan to add, then double check the text to make sure it sounds good and boom! That’s all it takes! You can create as many flyers as you like using a the variety of templates included, easily customize them and your ready for the next step!

Step #3 – Publish, Print & Profit
Once you hit the publish button your new professional flyer will be saved in the system ready for to download and print as you wish! You can sell these flyers to your clients for 100% Profit, even tack on printing services if you want or simply offer them as a bonus to get them to sign up for your recurring lead gen plans! No matter how you choose to use them, you’re free to create UNLIMITED Professional flyers for all your agents as a bonus for becoming a Real Estate Revolution Customer!

It’s that simple!

Everything that is included When You Buy Today…

Method for Landing Real Estate Agents
The first part of this training shows you how to land real estate agents as clients using a combination of prospecting, the Flyer Foot in the Door Strategy and the secret weapon for closing deals. Get ready to have Real Estate Agents beating down your door!

Complete System for Driving Agents Leads
Next you’ll learn how to implement our cutting edge lead gen system that drives real buyer leads for real estate agents. We’ll show you were to get the traffic, who to target and how to convert them into leads that real estate agents will pay you $1,000 a month for delivering!

Quick Start Guide (PDF) & Video Training
Because we know not everybody learns the same we’ve included both a PDF quick start guide that breaks down the system and a complete video training series. We designed this course so you can digest it quickly and put it to use immediately!

RE Flyer Creator w/ Unlimited License
To make it easy for you to implement the Foot in the Door Flyer strategy we’re including our custom software that creates professional flyers in just a few clicks! The best part is you can create UNLIMITED flyers and profit from the over and over!

Real Estate Revolution Killer Bonuses :

Digital Client Crash Course
Digital Client Crash Course is a Complete Training on Building a Six Figure local marketing business. Not only do we show you our proven 4-step system for getting high ticket clients coming in but we also break down everything you need to deliver high quality service and build a recurring income through monthly marketing.

Lead Gen Lightening
In this quick start course you’ll learn some of our best strategies for landing clients in ways that gets them coming to you, ready to buy. We cover two of our best lead gen strategies that you can use to get clients calling/emailing you without ever leaving your computer! For those of you who don’t mind getting out there and talking to people, we also share some of our best networking strategies in this exclusive bonus training.

Real Estate Revolution Bonuses :

Monthly Marketing Proposal Template
The right proposal makes closing deals feel like taking an order but creating one from scratch is a huge pain in the butt. That’s why we’re giving you our internal use proposal template already loaded with the key services you’ll be pitching with this lead gen service! You also get video training showing how to customize this template so you can quickly and easily create high powered, deal closing proposals.

Sales Funnel Checklist
The key to building recurring income from Real Estate agents is the cutting edge sales funnel you’re going to learn about in the training. To make sure you set everything up correctly the first time and just give you a good reference if you need it, we put together paint by numbers checklist for you. Simply close the deals using our system and the follow the steps to start generating leads for your new clients, that’s it! Finally we’ve included two more bonuses to give you some hands on assistance. You’ll get to join us for a live training (so we can show more nuts and bolts) and join the conversation in our private mastermind group!

Live Workshop – Recurring Client Revenue Secrets
The key building $10k/mo plus in recurring income from local clients is being able to consistently drive them new business…that’s what keeps them paying. Over the years we’ve developed a proven formula for creating funnels that generate new business for our clients month in and month out. On this exclusive live workshop we’re going to reveal three case studies that show you the entire process we use to get clients coming to us, close and keep them paying monthly recurring fees for years to come.

Digital Client Mastermind
In addition to giving you all the training, tools and support you need to make this work we are also giving you access to our Mastermind Group. In this group you’ll find like minded marketers that are also taking on clients, generating local leads, running killer agencies and making it happen just like you. Get feedback, listen to others success stories or connect with others in the group!

Real Estate Revolution : FAQ’s

Can I get support if Needed?
Absolutely! We have a top notch support team to make sure you are taken care of as fast as possible. Robert and I regularly handle customer emails as well as give personal advice in our mastermind group. With us you can be sure you are not out there on your own, we are here to help make sure you are successful with our training.

Are there any additional costs involved?
Nope, that’s what’s great about this system! We show you how to land clients without spending money, the software creates the flyers and your clients pay for the ad spend! The best part is you can create and sell unlimited flyers for pure profit! Not only that but it only takes a handful of agents to build a substantial recurring income.

I am very excited about Real Estate Revolution the ground breaking technology at a very affordable price for all the Internet Marketers.

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Real Estate Revolution Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – Discover the Proven Lead Gen System that Drives RED HOT Real Estate Leads on Complete Autopilot and has Agents Paying $1,000/mo Like Clockwork Real Estate Revolution Bonuses Real Estate Revolution Review

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Real Estate Revolution Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – Discover the Proven Lead Gen System that Drives RED HOT Real Estate Leads on Complete Autopilot and has Agents Paying $1,000/mo Like Clockwork Try Real Estate Revolution Now! This is my Real Estate Revolution review. if this Real Estate Revolution work You can start making money right away and get a massive income. What are you waiting for? Real Estate Revolution is very good and useful for internet marketers.

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